Welcome to the Ideas Bank!!

What is the Ideas Bank?

The ideas bank is the place where you and we can share and discuss our crazy ideas for new products! All ideas are acceptable, regardless if they involve human or alien technologies! Realistic or imaginary, it does not matter!! Inspirations and wide imaginations are what we are looking for!! Ideas are free, so why not share them! Submit your idea for display now 

Also, you can introduce problems from your life can be solved by new innovation! 

How does the Bank works?
1- You fill out the Ideas Bank form to submit your idea.
2- We review it and email you that it is ready for publishing and ask for your conformation to publish. (we might correct obvious spelling and grammar mistakes)
3- We publish the idea with your name.
4- Other people can view it, and discuss it in our page.

Guidelines and Recommendation:
1- All ideas entries and comments must be in respected language.
2- At this point, we will only take entries written in English (broken English is fine too, we will help you correct it ^_^)
3- Sketches, pictures and models of your idea are recommended but are not necessary.   
4- We recommend you sharing method in which you can be contacted. This can include your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc!
5- We love original ideas from you, however, it is okay to share works from others. Just make sure you site your source.
6- The bank is open for everyone to see and contribute to. We don't claim any protection to your IP. 

Inspire the World.... 
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    January 2014